(Las Vegas, NV) - On June 29, 2023, the Nevada State Education Association launched Schools Over Stadiums (SOS) in response to a giveaway of hundreds of millions in tax dollars to a California billionaire for a stadium, while Nevada schools rank 48th in per-pupil funding with the largest class sizes in the nation.

“Nevada's priorities are misguided, and public funds should not go to a California billionaire for a stadium," said Dawn Etcheverry, a music teacher and President of NSEA and Schools Over Stadiums. “For years, Nevada educators have been issuing an SOS over the dire conditions in our schools. The goal of Schools Over Stadiums is to right this ship and keep the focus on Nevada’s true priorities - our kids, our parents, and our educators.”

During the 82nd Regular Session, legislators failed to hear a single bill to reduce class size and made no movement on generating new revenue streams for our schools. Instead, a special session was convened to pass SB1 to commit $380M in public funds to a California billionaire. Despite the fast talk from A’s lobbyists, no data exists to show revenue from publicly funded stadiums will ever reach Nevada schools. Meanwhile, Nevada Legislators heard from a steady stream of fans about the untrustworthiness of the A's organization and its owner, John Fisher.

“With next school year approaching, Clark County is alone is facing thousands of educator vacancies,” said reading teacher and NEA of Southern Nevada President Vicki Kreidel. “Instead of hiring part-time stadium workers, let’s ensure each student has a qualified and full-time educator in the classroom. Instead of a stadium, let’s build classrooms for 30,000 students. Instead of funding billionaires, let’s fully fund public education.”

Schools Over Stadiums is committed to pursuing every possible path to stop the use of public funds to subsidize a billionaire’s stadium. This includes litigation as well as giving Nevadans the opportunity to vote to stop this misguided project.

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